Chef Jim Murphy

Chef Jim Murphy, Kingfisher

Jim Murphy – Chef & Founding Partner, Kingfisher Bar & Grill

Jim Murphy, a founding partner of the award-winning Kingfisher Bar & Grill, is one of Tucson’s top chefs. His career began in 1974 as a busboy/kitchen worker in Phoenix restaurants. Moving to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona, he worked part-time to support his studies and moved up the house ladder at The Vineyard, Lunt Avenue Marble Club and Jerome’s Seafood Restaurant, where his passion for seafood was born.

After several years in Washington, DC as a chef at the Westin Hotel and a brief stint in Phoenix, Murphy returned to Tucson to Jerome’s as the sous chef, then executive chef for two years. In 1990, he and wife, Jackie Rose, headed east when he attended and graduated from The Culinary Institute of America 1993.

While there, he collaborated long distance with his soon-to-be partners John Burke, Tim Ivankovich, and Jeff Azersky to purchase the iconic Iron Mask continental restaurant that was for sale.

Following graduation and returning to Tucson, Kingfisher Bar & Grill opened and has been a favorite in the 27 years since, winning countless awards along the way. The seafood-centric midtown restaurant is Tucson’s only eatery devoted to the finest and best catches from around the world.

Chef Murphy’s devotion to his craft keeps him engaged and creative, as well as cooking on the line at least three days a week.