Chef Kristine Jensen

Chef Kristine Jenson, Gallery of Food

Kristine Jensen – Chef/Owner, Gallery of Food

Chef Kristine has been cooking up her brand of Contemporary-Sonoran-New Mexican-Hippy-Gourmet-Party Food for about 30 years.

Always attracted to what was growing around her, keeping the food simple and adjusting for flavor, Chef Kristine brings her love of food and community to the table.

Before COVID-19, her Tucson Botanical Garden Café Botanica focused exclusively on farm-to-table cuisine. In 2020, she pivoted to delivering that same local produce and meat directly to homes.

In October 2020, Gallery of Food Bodega opened its doors, offering not only Chef Kristine’s catering services, but unique, locally sourced groceries, sundries, her prepared dishes and art. A new chapter in a life spent enjoying food.