Chef Kyle Nottingham

Chef Kyle Nottingham

Kyle Nottingham, Chef/Partner Ares Collective – Prep & Pastry, Commoner & Co., August Rhodes Bakery, Flora’s Market Run

Born in Tucson, Chef Kyle is best known for his open fire, sophisticated plating and has been working in kitchens since 2005. He started as dish washer under restaurateurs Sam Fox and Clint Woods then grinded his way to Executive Chef by the age of 27 at Tucson’s Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa.

During time in between, Chef Nottingham worked at Canyon Ranch Tucson, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, and then lived in Massachusetts specializing in farm to table fare at Canyon Ranch Lenox.

At Ventana Canyon, he was exposed to a Japanese method of critical thinking: Kaizen, that was instilled in him by Chef Ken Harvey. This means small, positive, incremental changes every day to make a big difference in the long run. He believes nothing is perfect, and he continues to strive for small changes every day to make himself and his restaurants better.