Chef Marianne Banes

Pastry Chef Marianne Banes

Marianne Banes, CCP – Pastry Chef, Kingfisher Bar & Grill

Marianne Banes, CCP, has been a professional chef and pastry chef since 1977. The former executive chef at Café Terra Cotta in Tucson, she held positions at Stars and Square One Restaurants in San Francisco, Garland’s Lodge in Sedona, and Jerome’s and Janos in Tucson, among other fine dining establishments.

She taught cooking and baking classes at Culinary Concepts for 11 years and at Pima Community College for three years. Since 1993, she’s been the pastry chef at Kingfisher Bar & Grill, teaches pastry classes, and contributes articles on food, organic gardening and cooking to several publications.