Chef Thomas Garnick & Designer Dani Williams

William Garnick and Dani Williams

Thomas Garnick & Dani Williams – Chef & Designer, Graze + Provisions

Chef Thomas Garnick is the owner and keeper of the flame of Sapore Concepts, which has garnered national, regional and local awards, and mentions in The New York Times for their cuisine. Chef Thomas is a lifelong student and is on a mission to share the beautiful story of the bond of food, people, and community. Since 2012, he’s been a mentor, instructor and consultant to hundreds of individuals.

Dani Williams is an interior designer and owner of a local artisan tile shop. Trained in architecture, she pulls inspiration for her charcuterie boards from the designed world around her. By focusing on texture, color and volume she can take everyday kitchen ingredients and turn them into art.

Graze is the union of passions, with Dani focusing on the aesthetic and Chef Thomas the flavor profiles. They pride themselves in sourcing the best local and artisan items for their boards – small batch cheeses, locally grown produce plus seasonal offerings.

Their hope is to create an eating experience that’s the perfect union of design and food.