Christa Parsons

Christa Parsons, Owner, Dogs-N-Donuts

Christa Parsons – Owner, Dogs-n-Donuts

Dogs-n-Donuts began with a hope to bring people and their pets together with delicious, healthy and organic treats.

Christa Parsons is a certified personal trainer who decided to live this dream by combining her experience in the food industry with her passion for fitness to develop baked donuts providing satisfaction without the guilt. What started as a hobby grew into a business when Christa began selling a variety of delicious donuts, energy bites and bars to her gym clients.

Everything changed when she adopted Pete, her miniature poodle. The people donut ingredients are mostly dog-safe; Christa tweaked them and tried her hand at dog treats. Just like the people donuts, “doggie donuts” were a huge success.

In time, Christa had a variety of sweets for humans and dogs alike, motivating her to open Dogs-n-Donuts, making it easy for people and their pets to get handmade, organic snacks.

Since opening in 2019, Dogs-n-Donuts now offers handmade and decorated doggie cakes, fresh brewed coffee from a local roaster, seasonal goodies for people and dogs and in-store events. Christa has a passion for making people and their pets happy and donuts are a great way to put smiles on two- and four-legged faces.